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Al-Qaeda is entering North West region of Nigeria – US Warns

Al-Qaeda is entering North West region of Nigeria – US Warns

Al-Qaeda Is Penetrating North West Region Of Nigeria – US Government Warns

According to the US government, the powerful Al-Qaeda militant group have started to infiltrate the northwestern part of Nigeria.

News men stressed that this was made clear during a press conference by Dagvin Anderson, commander of the US special operations headquarters, Africa. Anderson has said according to the report;

“We have engaged and continue to engage with Nigeria in the exchange of information and awareness of what these violent extremists are doing. And it was completely crucial to their efforts in the Borno state and an emerging region of northwestern Nigeria in which we see al-Qaeda beginning to make some inroads.

“So, this sharing of intelligence is absolutely vital and we remain fully engaged with the Nigerian government to give them an understanding of what these terrorists are doing, what Boko Haram is doing, what ISIS-West Africa is doing, and how ISIS and al-Qaeda are looking to expand further south into the coastal regions.”

Anderson went on to say:-

“We, as a group of foreign nations, continue to believe that we have overcome them or put them on their backs and that they are moments of disintegration.”

There are two factors in that, I assume. One, it goes to show that each government has to focus on this and give the international partners that focus to engage with.

The other part of this is that we can not underestimate the danger faced by these violent terrorist organisations. As a community of international nations, we continue to think that we have defeated them or put them on their back foot and that they are only moments of disintegration.

I believe after 20 years we’ve seen that they’re very resilient organizations that, although small, can leverage social media and other forms of media to have an outsized voice and keep recruiting and keep finding opportunities.

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