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Amber Heard accuse Johnny Depp of alleged threat to kill her

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Amber Heard accuse Johnny Depp of alleged threat to kill her

Amber Heard accuse Johnny Depp of alleged threat to kill her

Amber Heard alleged on Monday that her ex-husband Johnny Depp threatened to kill her on multiple occasions when she took the stand in the high-profile London libel case of the Hollywood star for the first time.

The 34-year-old actress accused the 57-year-old “Caribbean Pirates” actor of being dishonest, manipulating, and threatening in her stormy two-year marriage that ended in 2017 ‘s divorce.

According to her, she had been subjected to verbal and physical violence, including shouting, cursing, threats, blows, slaps, kicks, head-butts and shock.

“Many things were so extreme that I was afraid he would kill me either deliberately or accidentally by losing control and going too far,” she said.

“A lot of times he directly threatened to kill me, particularly later in our relationship.”

Heard, who first met Depp on the 2011 movie set “The Rum Diary,” said the actor blamed his actions on a “self-created third party” which he sometimes called “the monster.”

Yet he never took responsibility for his conduct, she claimed, seeing himself as the victim and surrounding himself with enablers who excused his behavior or did not confront him.

Depp sues British tabloid publishers The Sun, News Group Newspapers (NGN) and the author of a 2018 article which called him a “wife beater” at the London High Court.

He refuted 14 violent allegations that NGN said supports the assertion, portraying Heard as a cynical, deceptive, sociopathic fantasist attempting to ruin his life.

He claims that the story in The Sun caused him serious reputational harm.

His former wives, Vanessa Paradis, French actress and singer, and Winona Ryder, Hollywood star, both said he was caring and non-violent.

– ‘Violent and Dark’ –
Heard explained what she said on a visit to Australia in March 2015, during a filming break, was a “three-day hostage situation.”

She said she felt “stuck and alone with a violent person suffering from psychotic depression , bipolar disorder and a history of frequent, drug-induced psychosis and abuse that was on a drug and alcohol binge for several days.”

“There were serious acts of psychological, physical , emotional and other types of abuse over the course of those three days,” she said.

“It is the worst thing I’ve ever done. I was left with my nose and lip broken and my arms cut.

She claimed that Depp had made “all sorts of unfounded allegations” against her, had “strange, psychotic visions,” urinated in front of people and kept raw meat in a wardrobe.

The actress, who appeared in “Aquaman” and “The Danish Girl,” said that their relationship ranged from “intensely affectionate, warm and friendly” to “very dark and intense.”

“He had a violent and morbid way of speaking when I say he was sad: the way he spoke of our relationship being ‘dead or alive’ and convincing me that death was the only way out of the relationship,” she said.

Heard revealed she believed she might “fix” the star, who has had well-documented alcohol and drug wars, and she felt guilty for trying to help him conquer addiction.

“His staff would try to persuade me to stay with him or come back after abusive episodes, always telling me he was sorry and was going to get me clean,” she said.

The case has opened the veil on Depp ‘s lifestyle, now in its third week, with nine days of testimony focused on his use of alcohol and narcotics.

NGN lawyers say that Depp was a “Jekyll and Hyde” figure and “controlling and physically abusive towards Ms Heard, especially when he was under alcohol and/or drug effect.”

Depp maintains that he never struck Heard or any other woman in his life; instead, he accuses her of abuse, including one instance where a flying vodka bottle cut his finger.

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