Best android music App studio to record your songs with phone

Best android music App studio to record your songs with phone

Best android music App studio to record your songs with phone.

While many of our users have requested us to propose audio recording applications for Google’s famous Android OS, which is now on almost 75 percent of smartphones across the globe.

Audio output is one of the, if not the, major variables in audio recording performance and accuracy. If the audio quality drops, as does the transcript accuracy, there is only so much that a transcriber and quality analyst can do if the sound of the speaker is scarcely audible.

There are specially designed audio recording applications and built-in microphones for every half-decent smartphone or tablet today that are great for recording your music mp3 at your convenient.

Here are our suggestions for the best android music App to record your songs on phone like you’re in studio;

Android music App for recording your songs on phone like studio

  • Easy Voice Recorder

High-quality formats, background recording and a home screen widget are included in the free edition, while the pro version (priced at $3.99) can also record phone calls. And all these characteristics are bundled into an easy-to-use gui.

It records your audio in a high-quality 16-bit PCM format and enables a range of different and popular formats to be saved and exported. Bluetooth microphones, software input gain, stereo recording (many decent front and back smartphones have microphones), recording from anywhere, and many more are enabled.

Get Easy Voice Recorder on Google Play store

  • Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

The Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder software records from PCM to mp3. From widgets, you can log, choose between front and back microphones, choose the bit rate, change input levels, etc. To adjust the input gain levels, you have to go through a few menus, even though they’re right there on the recording screen. A trial version is available, restricting the recording to 10 minutes. It costs $4.99 for the software.

Get Hi-Q MP3 Voice Record on Google play store

  • Audio Recorder

One of the reasons this app is on this list is that it’s a free app that’s really easy to use. It’s called the Audio Recorder in a very imaginative way, and you’re very likely to have seen it on a Sony phone before.

It’s really simple, it makes it possible for you to record, save and play the captured audio, voila. It has microphone support and uses an integrated engine to help try to enhance the audio. Using analytics tools, it can collect anonymous data, which is what we don’t like about it so much.

Get Audio Recorder on Google play store

  • RecForge Pro

For several, RecForge Pro is the app of choice, a flexible audio recorder that includes cloud integration, various formats, editing, adjustable levels of quality, adjustment of playback speed, manual and automatic control of gain, multiple languages, etc.

It can be used for interviews, keynote / panel recording at events and music recording as well. This app generates great recordings consistently, particularly if you plug an external microphone in. It costs about $4.00 for this app.

Get RecForge Pro on Google play store

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