Best shooting action games for android smartphone

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Best shooting action games for android smartphone

Best shooting action games for android smartphone.

List of best FPS free download action shooting games for android phones

Best shooting action games for android smartphone include:-

  1. Into the Dead 2
  2. PUBG Mobile (and Lite)
  3. Modern Combat 5
  4. Call of Duty: Mobile
  5. Fortnite

Into the Dead 2

Price status: Free

Into the Dead 2 is a friendly combination of shooters. The game also contains mechanics in the infinite runner style. Virtually, you are forever running through a giant army of zombies. The purpose is survival. Some of the features of the game include excellent graphics, a number of weapons, a dog friend, some mechanics for tower defense, and multiple endings. This is certainly in the shooter room, something a little bit different. It’s a remarkably profound game, though, given that it’s free.

PUBG Mobile

Price status: Free

PUBG Mobile is yet another Royal Battle Shooter and the very first truly successful mobile shooter. From a plane, you drop onto an island. You grab guns, supplies, and vehicles from there. The purpose is to be the last person to stand at the end of the match. The standard version is free for all 100 users, while the Lite version scales down to 50 to function best on lower-end devices. Due to the crafting method of Fortnite, it’s a much drier experience than Fortnite. Some people prefer a much more realistic experience, however, to Fortnite’s more arcade experience. Except that PUBG is available on Google Play and Fortnite is not, you can’t really go wrong either way.

Modern Combat 5

Price Status: Free

Modern Combat 5 is one of the most popular mobile games for shooting. Initially, when Gameloft converted it into a freemium game some while ago, it was a pay-once game. It’s got a lot of good graphics, and there’s a lot of games for you to enjoy here. Along with a common but still very competitive multiplayer mode, there is the regular campaign mode. You may choose to play in one of six classes, each with its own advantages and benefits. Modern Combat 5 was kind of overshadowed by PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, but it is one of the initial mainstream mobile shooting games. Technically, Modern Combat Versus is the newest game in the series, but before we award it the title of best Modern Combat on Google Play, it still needs a little practice.


Price Status: Free

One of the most innovative shooting games on Android is Fortnite. No doubt you’ve heard of it before. You’re dropping from the air, crafting and finding different things, killing all of your opponents and being the last one to win the round. It’s got a huge following. The game mechanics on the cell phone are a little clunky, but that’s only because there are so many buttons. Over time, we expect it to get better. To store items like skins and other unlockable content, you can also sync your account with other versions of the game. The game began as a third-party download from Epic Games, but was officially released in 2020 on the Play Store. You should get it there now.

Call of Duty

Price status: Free

The new king of the genre of shooting games is Call of Duty (Mobile). However, is extremely popular with numerous game modes. Along with your classic team death matches, there is a 100-player royale battle mode. Including common characters, equipment customizations, and more, players unlock gear over time. It’s an online shooter, so there are also social features. it’s a regular and popular shooting game choice.

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