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Daily Manna – Don’t Look For Faults (Wednesday August 5, 2020)

Daily Manna – Dont Look For Faults (Wednesday August 5, 2020)

Deeper Life Bible Church (Devotional Guide):- Daily Manna – Don’t Look For Faults (Wednesday August 5, 2020)

Topic:- Don’t Look For Faults

Text:- LUKE 14 : 1 – 11

Key Verse:- “And it came to pass, as he went into the house of one of the the chief Pharisees to eat bread on the Sabbath day, that they watched him” (Luke 14 : 1)

Message:- It was said that when the British and the French were fighting in Canada in the 1750s, Admiral Philips, commander of the British fleet, was given orders to wait for the British land forces to arrive and then support them when they attacked the city of Quebec. But as the admiral waited, he grew annoyed by the status of the saints that adored a nearby cathedral. So he commanded him men to shoot at them with the ships canons. When the land forces eventually arrived and the signals was given to attack, the Admiral was of no help because he had used up all his canons shooting at the saints.

Religious leaders in Christ’s day spent most of their time criticizing Him without making any meaningful impact in their own service. The Pharisees and Sadducees became an inglorious army of fault finders, looking for lopeholes or any violations that they can use against Christ. In the passage under review, the Pharisees would not identify with the plight of the sick man but instead focused on the assumed violation of the laws by healing the man on the Sabbath day.

Fault finders are very prominent in every church today. They criticise everything that is done for no good reason. Their concern is not about the salvation of souls but whether there is any violation of their self-made rules which are not Bible based. They advanced their wickedness, covetousness and pride by hiding under certain Scripture which they twist to to serve their own ulterior purpose.

We should not allow the envious and judgmental Pharisees I in the church to drown our zeal. Where possible, the Scripture should be explained to these religious bigots, highlighting the basics behind our deeds; but where they choose not to listen, we must continue to go higher for Christ.

Thought for the day:- Fault-finders can never be pathfinders.

The Bible in one year:- Nehemiah 5 – 7

This devotional guide is brought to you through us (infozer), from the General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church, Pastor Dr. W. F. Kumuyi. Be blessed.

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