Download best Police vs Thief games for android phones 2021

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Best Police Vs Thief games for android phones 2021

Download best Police Vs Thief games for android phones 2021

Infozer has complied list of Best Police and Thief games that you should download, play and enjoy in 2021. We will give you a brief description to the game, then link you directly to Google play store for downloads.

  1. Police Car Vs Theft Bike
  2. NY Police Battle Bank Robbery Gangster Crime
  3. Racer Vs Cops : Multiplayer
  4. Real Police Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games

Police Car Vs Theft Bike

Download best Police vs Thief games for android phones 2021

Game Play:

You have played several police games and car chase games, but this 3d game of theft bike rider & police chase has its own awesome theft bike rider features to continue to improve your skills in bike driving games. Play this robbery bike police chase car simulator with a lot of awesome bike racing games and become a hero of all police games. During the theft car racing games in this real city bike simulator games 2021, make sure to keep your theft bike on the center of the city lane. There are no fun features for police pursuit game adventures in several bike games and robbery police chase car games.

In this true police chase car simulator 2021, ride your fast, heavy bike games. You’re an innocent, simple guy, and you’re blamed for the theft of the gold store. In these upcoming bike games 2021: Bike riding police games, police are chasing you with their police vehicle. Your goal is to show that you are not a stealer and an honest man in the new gangster town. None of your points are going to be embraced by police bikes and try to target your real theft bike game. So be like a professional 3d driver of real car drifting games and take your city bike game to the secret place in this police bike theft chase simulator games from the city highway.


The realistic world of these police chase games & city crime games will give you excitement to demonstrate the potential of your bike driving games on the gangster city roads. In a bike game with smooth controls, you have a real bike rider to escape from the police chasing car games such as popular car games.

Drive your bike game as quickly as you can to become the extreme real gangster 3d like all other outlaw escape games in this new bike simulator 2020. So download and enjoy this incredible police car chase theft bike in this city police car game to demonstrate your intense offline driving games skills.

Press to Download Police Car Vs Theft Bike

NY Police Battle Bank Robbery Gangster Crime

NY Police Battle Bank Robbery Gangster Crime

Game Play:

Lead the crime scene in the largest action gameplay and take down bank robbers

Join the police team and stand up as a cop hero to stop the theft of clown banks. In the NY Police Fight Bank Robbery, the NY clown gangster mafia team joined hands to loot the bank. Become the ultimate American cop hero and eliminate the clown gangsters to safeguard the bank money from criminal robbers. Play NY Police Battle with Bank Robbery

Welcome to the city of crime! Enjoy becoming an incredible heroic cop police in a bank robbery game that is a game of action and shooting. Parameter of the lockout crime scene to apprehend bank robbers and be promoted to the rank of police detective.

Full of action and police shooting operations to rescue the hostages and bank cash treasure, a U.S. cop grand crime police chase game. Exterminate fear and police officers fight bravely in police chase car driving games in the clown bank robbery series.

In this US police game, the police captain is battling against the new bank robbery master and arresting scary criminal clowns. As a police officer hero, the job is to bar terrifying clown robbery suspects from their robbery mission. Experience unsafe quick car driving and police fight as the gangsters are pursued by crime. In police chase games, don’t let them run away from hills. Follow the trails and, using maps, find them. Avoid barriers that can trigger mission failure.

Step into the bank and start firing clown bank robbers at you. They ask bank cashiers to fill money bags with cash and gold in swat force U.S. cop hero bank robbery cash swat force police hero game; they reach the bank building and locate them.

Show the US Police Officer Hero’s combat skills and take advantage of the hostile situation. Prepare for an exciting clash in the wildest crime chase between the US police officer and the police hero and dangerous clown robbers. As you are the police officer of the law enforcement department in bank robbers as a gangster squad mafia game, keep shooting rifles to kill scary criminals.

After successful elimination of bank robbers & gold heist security, whatever happens, just get away from dangerous areas to secure hostages. Beware of sly clown pursuit in town of crimes in intense shooting game of police hero. In modern shooting game, you have to be at the forefront and accomplish your ultimate bank cash counter task to look after in swat force shooting game & police chase car driving simulator.


10 fun shooting bank robbery missions as a US officer & police hero
In enormous crime city police shooting game, realistic bank setting
Smooth controls for accurate strategies for shooting
3D graphics with high quality and immersive gameplay
Enjoy police missions in the clown cash counter robbery game with robbers

Download this Robbery Gangster Squad from NY Police Fight Bank and give us your feedback so we can make more police officer gangster squads and shooting games for the police.

Press to download NY Police Battle Bank Robbery Gangster Crime

Racer Vs Cops : Multiplayer

Download best Police vs Thief games for android phones 2021

Game Play:

Choose your Policeman or Side Racer? The hot pursuit of multiplayer is just starting!

The hot pursuit has just started! Not only can you try to escape from police cars in this game, but you can also be a police officer and get high scores by chasing and destroying street racers. In addition, you can compete with other drivers in a multi-player mode and be the best highway racer. Make your pick, be a highway policeman or racer and run.

To escape from police cars, you need to be really quick. Police cars are going to try to block you, so you need to be vigilant. When you crash into not only police vehicles, but also other cars in traffic, your car will be damaged and if your car has too much damage, you will lose the game. When your car passes other cars cautiously, and when you get rid of police cars, you’ll get points.

Follow the racers and attempt to block them throughout the race by crashing. As racers’ health drops to zero, they will be disqualified and you will earn points. Be careful not to reach the regular traffic vehicles, but the racers. Otherwise, you’re going to lose your health and lose your game. The more you disqualify the racers, the greater your score.

You can play with your friends and other real players as a driver or police officer in multiplayer mode.
You need to disqualify the racer during play if you choose to be a policeman. If you choose to be a racer, you need to finish in time without the police disqualifying you. Although police car and racer car make and model are the same, their technical characteristics are distinct.

In several different brands and models, and in either super sports or classic collections, you can get one of a dozen cars. With your points, you can unlock more and more vehicles, so you can be the fastest driver.

Not only you can change appearance of your cars using different colors, rims, etc, but also you can modify top speed, brake and maneuver sensitivities.

Press to download Racer Vs Cops : Multiplayer

Real Police Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games

Police car games 2020 is here for police racing games with a new mission. Every car game has a different mission with a driving simulator. The first model of this car game is chasing mode. You have to chase a thief so enjoy this car driving game 2020.

You are street police in a crime city drive a car behind the thief to chase him. For a car driver, it is the best time to become a roadrunner. So enjoy these new games 2020 as favorite free game.

We Recommended for you the sniper 3d game based on your previous history. We hoped You might like… this Offline games. So car driving games with police car is the amazing stunt driving games for crazy driver. Enjoy Non-stop action game with the help of FPS shooter like an army commando who loves shooting games.

Based on your recent activity this Adventure games is the best choice as a fixed shooter games who shoot from helicopter in the world of simulation games. Now First-person shooters from a helicopter is the amazing free shooting game. Get ready to a secret mission like new army commando games. Here new action games 2020 and action games 2019 for offline shooting games lovers. For shooting games lovers the free shooting games offline is the top choice for police car games lovers.

Press to download Real Police Secret Mission – Free Shooting Games

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