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Edo College of Education employees protest against 11 months of unpaid salaries

Edo College of Education employees protest against 11 months of unpaid salaries

Edo College of Education employees protest against 11 months of unpaid salaries

BENIN CITY – The College of Education’s WORKERS and pensioners, Ekiadolor in Edo State, protested Monday against the zero payment of their wages and allowances in the last 11 months.

The staff who dressed in all the black attires and with many placards showing anti-government slogans protested to the government house through Benin ‘s streets, where no official from the government came out to address them.

They vowed to continue to demonstrate on a regular basis before they were attended, adding that they are sick of being converted to beggars to fulfill their duties as family members.

The protesters’ leader who is also the president of the Academic Union College of Education, COEASU, Comrade Fred Omonuwa, also said they would not be blackmailed on the altar of politics for seeking their rights.

He said: “We have had issues of 11 months of unpaid salaries for sometimes now. When the head of service came to talk to us to shield our sword we tried to meet with the governor. We figured our wages would be paid in two weeks ‘ time but they never listened to us.

“The Congress met and decided to protest peacefully to demand our hard earned wages including pensions and gratuities. We spent a few hours at the government house where nobody came out to speak to us.

We believe a labourer is deserving of his pay and we will continue on this path until our demands are met.

Omonuwa also expressed displeasure with the state government for connecting their demonstration with politics claiming that “when they came to our school to plead with us not to protest we were not supported. It’s blackmail.’

But the government of the state through the Education Commissioner, Hon Jimoh Ijegbai said, “Since this government was created, we have been consistent in giving the school the monthly subsidy up to May 2020.

Government has released two months of subsidy to the workers over the past two weeks to show good faith despite the fact they weren’t working.

“We are now shocked by the demonstrations which the government of the Edo state claims are politically motivated.

“Politicians hellbent sponsor them on derailing state growth. No group whatsoever will threaten the government, “he added.

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