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Every sector will remain closed as workers protest – Labour

Every sector will remain closed as workers protest – Labour

Every sector will remain closed as workers protest – Labour

Organized Labour in Lagos State has said that all industries will be shut down, including aviation, banks and others, as workers will take to the streets on Sept. 28 to protest.

This was made clear at a news conference on Sunday in Lagos ahead of the strike by the Deputy Vice President of the Nigerian Labour Congress, Mr Amaechi Asogwuni.

No airport in Nigeria will be in operation; banks are not supposed to operate, so no business owners can risk taking that decision on behalf of Nigerian workers.

We are the staff and our services are being withdrawn; we have the right to do so because our fundamental right is to demonstrate.

And I think we’re going to follow it; schools are going to stay shutdown until this action ends,’ he said.

Asogwuni called on Nigerians to join the movement, claiming that democracy was a part of their quota.

We must guarantee that all sectors remain closed to the government as a voice to react to the Nigerians’ cries.

What was anticipated of the government was to engage its socio-partners, including labor as a stakeholder, on the PMS issue.

At a time when it ought to, the government did not do that; it failed in its obligation to engage labor before time.

The government had earlier had an encounter with labor in Kano on the topic of energy, and we prevented it from continuing.

It was a great shock that the government still had to dare Nigerian citizen over the sudden hike in fuel pump price, electricity bills and others; people rely on electricity, and you can’t wake up overnight and reinforce misery.

We are resisting and calling on Nigerians to join, because it is our voice that makes a difference in democracy, “he said.” (NAN)

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