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Facebook launches ‘Reels’ Apk to rival Tik-Tok

Facebook launches ‘Reels’ Apk to rival Tik-Tok

Facebook has launched ‘Reels’ Apk a Tik-Tok clone

On Wednesday, Facebook rolled out its own version of social media competitor TikTok in over 50 other countries, embedding a new short-form video service called Reels as a tool of its famous Instagram application.

The debut comes days after Microsoft confirmed that it was in negotiations to buy US operations of TikTok from ByteDance in China.

ByteDance decided to divest TikTok parts, sources said, under pressure from the White House that sought to block it and other Chinese-owned applications on data protection concerns.

Reels’ release devolves a raging fight between Facebook and TikTok, with each casting the other as a threat.

Both were willing to draw American adolescents, many of whom flocked to TikTok in the last two years.

Reels was first introduced in Brazil in 2018 and later in France, Germany and India, which was the biggest market for TikTok before it was banned by the Indian government last month after a border clash with China.

Lately, Facebook tried a stand-alone app called Lasso which didn’t get much attention.

Reels users can record short mobile-friendly vertical images, like TikTok, and then add special effects and soundtracks pulled from a music library.

Such similarities led Kevin Mayer, CEO of TikTok, to call Reels a “copycat product,” which could coast on the huge established user base of Instagram after “their other Lasso copycat failed quickly.”

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