Fire outbreak in Akure destroys shops with goods worth millions of naira

Fire outbreak in Akure destroys shops with goods worth millions of naira

» Fire outbreak in Akure destroys shops with goods worth millions of naira

In a fire outbreak on Sunday at Ijomu junction in Akure, the Ondo State capital, products worth millions of naira were razed.

Infozer reported that no less than ten stores were burned down by the fire outbreak. The victims regretted that before the fire incident, they had only stocked their shops.

Leather vendors, fashion designers, electrical and electronics dealers are occupants of the shops.

Modupe Daramola, a fashion dealer, said she lost three industrial sewing and embroidery machines to the fire, and four sewing machines.

Daramola added that in addition to many fabrics belonging to her various clients, she also lost a heavy duty power generating set and a refrigerator to the blaze.

Newsmen gathered that it needed the efforts of young people to put out the flames.

One of the leaders of the youth, Sola Omorege, said “it took our efforts to put the fire out, but we were unable to save any of the things in the complex.”

“Omorege lamented that” due to the lack of working equipment, the fire service in the state could not help when they went to their office on a motorbike.

High Chief Folabi Fayehun, speaking about the fire incident, Edemo of Akure, said that he contacted the Akure fire service, but they complained that they had no working fire equipment and could not support.

“Fayehun said:” I think the government needs to have fire fighting equipment on the ground because this is becoming a chronic situation where people are losing multimillion naira worth of products and properties that are hampering the state’s economy.

This is meant to be a social service that should be provided to the community by the government.

Ultimately, if this kind of machinery is accepted for people’s use, it will not be the state capital alone that will benefit.

If FUTA, like Akure Airport, could have fire equipment, why couldn’t the whole state have usable fire equipment? It’s unreasonable. If there is an outbreak of fire in Akure, do we have to wait before Ilesa comes to rescue us?

See what happened to us, with a whole office complex razed down with a lot of valuable documents without any rescue, “Fayehun said.” Now it is the public’s turn. I believe that the government should be willing to come to the assistance of the people.

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