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Free skill development courses at skyfi labs

Free Skill Development Courses – Skyfi Labs

Free skill development courses at skyfi labs

We wish to inform you that the Skyfi labs firm has commenced it’s free skill development courses.

Skyfi Labs is an award winning organization founded by IIT Kanpur alumni. At Skyfi Labs, we help students all over the world develop practical skills. Skyfi Labs is now trusted by more than 350,000 students across 55+ countries. Our partners include: Boeing, IIT Delhi, IIT Jammu, IIT Kanpur, ISB Hyderabad, MRC (Mauritius Research Council), NASSCOM Foundation, Altair Engineering.

FUTO launches free skill development courses – Skyfi labs

The letter presented to FUTO reads;

It’s so unfortunate how COVID-19 has put the students worldwide in a situation where they must stay at home while the world is at the brink of a recession. Developing skills in these times is particularly important and challenging at the same time.

To help students in these tough times, Skyfi Labs, an award-winning education start-up from India, has taken an initiative by providing some courses for free to interested students.

The free courses have already been shared by AICTE (All India Council for Technical Education) in India to their students. More than 50,000 students have made use of this opportunity in the last
15 days and we are seeing many more students enroll every day.

Looking at the success of the initiative in India, we are shooting to extend the same free offerings to students in other countries too.
Please let me know if the COMMITTEE OF VICE CHANCELLORS is interested in taking a similar initiative.

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We will be happy to share the same courses with you. You can send it to the list of students/ universities signed up with you and help them learn these topics for free.

FUTO Vice Chancellor approved it !!

What courses are offered for free?

The courses offered are :-

How to enroll in the free skill development courses at Skyfi labs

Interested students should >> (Use this 130-kb PDF to enroll) << tab to register for the free courses based on their interest.
Students can access the course for free by logging in using email/ Google/ Facebook using the “Try for free” option given at the top of the page.


These courses are recommended for students who are pursuing their UG studies and above.
Faculty can also enroll in these courses and upskill themselves to help their students better.


For Machine Learning and Data Analytics courses, prior experience in any programming language is helpful. All the other courses cover the concepts from basics. So no prerequisite knowledge is needed.

Evaluation and Certification The courses can be learned for free without any payment. All of the content and assignments
are available to learn and the students can learn safely from home at zero cost.
The last chapter in the course requires a project to be submitted. The project must be evaluated manually by our teachers for the release of certificate to ensure quality in our certification

So, for this manually evaluation purpose, we charge a nominal fee of USD 1.99 per student (regular course prices are USD 50 per student). This small fee will go to our teachers for the manual effort they are putting in verifying the assignments of those students who want a
certificate. Hence students need to pay this small fee only if they wish to get their projects manually evaluated. Else they can learn everything totally for free.

Don’t miss this opportunity!!

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