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Good school where students from poor family background can attend

Good School Where Students From Poor Family Background Can Attend
Abolarin college – Free education

Good school where students from poor family background can attend

Poor family background is a very striking disadvantage to the educational development of children.

There are various means of educating a child, which may be religiously, parentally, etc. But above all, a child is meant to be exposed to primary means of education, which is attending to school.

Going to school has a lot of positive impact in the life of children. This impact can be in various forms such as i) Academics:- the child is taught academically usually to improve the intelligence quotient, etc ii) Social:- the child is exposed to a social environment, where he or she can make friends, have fun / relaxation. iii) Moral:- the child is subjected to an environment of high moral discipline, with this he or she grows with good and applaudable character. Etc.

Poverty has caused many children to loose the opportunity / privilege of attending to school, and this usually results into increased rate of illiteracy, low self esteem among educated peers, slimmer chance of being successful in life.

Good school for students from poor family background

However, knowing that the importance of education in our contemporary society cannot be over emphasised, we wish to inform you that there are selfless / generous people who have volunteered to invest their resources in helping children from poor family background.

One of such people is the founder(s) of Abolarin college in Oke-Ila.

The Abolarin College is a boarding school, established in 2013, by the Monarch of the town. The school has recorded over 131 admitted students from different regions of the country. The school has a storey building of 8 class rooms, bungalows as hostels (boys and girls hostel are different), house masters quarters, dinning hall / kitchen, a volleyball / football pitch for sports, a library, computer room, farm, a multi-purpose hall mostly for religious activities.

Criteria for admission into Abolarin college in Oke-Ila.

Abolarin is a very Good School Where Students From Poor Family Background Can Attend. The criteria to be admitted include:-

Successfully admitted students receive free school bags, free books, three square meals, complete sets of uniforms including footwear, toiletries and other necessarily belongings.

To ensure effective learning atmosphere, coupled with the condusive environment, a mandate of 28 students per teacher is being upheld. Outside academic / social activities, students are also engaged into agricultural activities, such as maize / cassava planting, vegetables, other crops etc.

The college’s chief executive, Oba Abolarin, said that the school ‘s aim was only to offer the vibrant but poor children the freedom to get the best in education. He continues to believe that the wealthy in society should support the poor to safeguard Nigeria ‘s future.

To guarantee that students who graduate from the college keep progress on their academic path, Oba Abolarin insists that the final year SS3 students sit for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB exam, and as well assist them to gain admission into the tertiary institutions.

Oba Abolarin however, urged NGO’s to offer assistance so as to optimize the goal he has in educating students from poor homes. He stressed that he needed more qualified teachers especially in physics, mathematics and chemistry, in other to give standard education to the students.

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