How to become a successful music producer in Nigeria

How to become a successful music producer in Nigeria

The music industry is a very lucrative branch of entertainment in Nigeria. Both Celebrity and upcoming artiste look out for professional music producers, as they have greater impacts to add in achieving a successful music career.

Music producer as a profession, is one who oversees and manages the entire process of making music, from composing, recording, performing artists, marketing, promoting and a lot of other things. It’s just getting even more difficult for a music producer lately, he does much of the work to see an artist achieve a single or an album.

A producer performs numerous positions including the recording engineer, song writer, financial administrator who takes care of monetary deals and most importantly the music coach, but that can depend on how large the project is, for example to create ‘hits’ the project hires different people for different jobs, often even a whole team to take care of only one job including recording and another does mixing.

The producer has it as a responsibility to manage a song before it hits the final product. For this critical reason, certain sets of music skills are necessary for the successful of this job.

How to become a music producer

The work is a technical one and it takes determination and below are the steps you should take to become a successful music producer in Nigeria and beyond.

  1. Get a Formal Education in Music
  2. Register with Association of Copyrights
  3. Start a Recording Studio
  4. Know your full Responsibilities as a Music Producer
  5. Monetize your music production skill

Get a Formal Education in Music

Just being a music lover alone is not enough. You’ll need a fundamental academic background in music. You can enroll into a music school or music academy that will essentially teach you music as a career.

This is more important to a producer than to the artist himself, as the producer would have to learn the technical terminology for words that are used in the trade and will be exposed to other music-related skill sets. Or as a university course, you can study it, the University of Jos, University of Lagos, and about 12 other Nigerian universities offer music as a study course that you can graduate with a degree from.

Register with Association of Copyrights

Musicians regard original songs as intellectual property, that is, they are the kind of goods created from imagination just like painting , drawing, etc. One must register with a copyright organization such as the Nigerian Copyright Society (COSON), the membership is free.

Only by submitting passport photographs, filling in and signing a COSON application form and then submitting a valid I.D. you get registered.

By doing so, you make sure that no one takes from you by saying that your creation is theirs and you can make it easier for any piece of music you’ve made to earn ‘royalties.’ Royalty is that commission you get paid when your music is played in movies, radio stations, advertisements, etc.

Registration may not be mandatory because, by statute, the person who created them owns any intellectual property in this country, such as poetry, writing , music, graphic design. But the benefit of registering with an association for copyrights is that you will only need to list the music you created with them and they will serve as middle men between you and third parties interested in using your music.

Start a Recording Studio

Though you might be a stand-alone producer where people will only call you when they need your services, but a studio of yours will give you more control over the recording session, and the final product will be closer to what you’re thinking. Besides bringing more money in that way, it is the first places people go to find producers of music.

Know your full Responsibilities as a Music Producer

The responsibility of a music producer include;

  1. Guiding the artist through his career.
  2. Overseeing recording sessions.
  3. Supervising mixing of the audio or doing it himself.
  4. Promoting the musician and music produced.
  5. Signing an artist to a record label.
  6. Monitoring financial budgets

Monetize your music production skill

After you must have developed your music production skill, you should be able to monetize it effectively and optimally via the outline below:

  • Begin paid for a record, mixing and mastering section
  • Getting commission from every sale/purchase after the music is published, so the more the sales the more money they earn.
  • You earn about N10,000 per hour and some over N9 million Naira monthly, widely depends on expertise and recognition.

If you have any question(s) and or further enquires you can let us know via comment. Specific contribution(s) on how to become a successful music producer is acceptable.

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