How to set up two step verification 2FA on your accounts

How to set up two factor authentication 2FA on your online accounts

How to set up two step verification 2FA on your online accounts

Did you know that any account you own on the internet is prone to being hacked? Following widespread breaches through few years, technology companies have been working tediously to create a platform that will replace the use of passwords with more secure methods like biometric or PIN-based logins that do not require transferring data over the internet.

But while they are yet to develop it, the better way to secure your accounts is using the two-factor authentication, or 2FA. This a process that gives web services secondary access to the account owner (you) in order to verify a login attempt.

How to set up two step verification 2FA on your accounts

Setup your Two factor authentication 2FA – How it works

This involves a valid phone number and / or email address.

When you log in to a service, you use your mobile phone to verify your identity by either clicking on a texted / emailed link or typing in a number sent by an authenticator app.

It is an important step in preventing your account from being accessed by unauthorized users. Here’s how to enable 2FA on your accounts across the web.

Two step verification 2FA for GOOGLE

By navigating to the main 2FA landing page and tapping on “Get Started,” the easiest way to turn 2FA on through your Google accounts (i.e., Gmail, YouTube, or Google Maps) is to log in and pick your mobile device from a list. (You will have to download a separate app if you have an iPhone.) Google will attempt to send a message to that phone; you will be prompted to enter a phone number if it succeeds; you may then choose whether to receive authentication codes by text message or by phone call.

How to set up two factor authentication 2FA on your online accounts

After that, Google will first send prompts that allow you to simply click “Yes” or “No” when a login attempt occurs. If that doesn’t work, it will send the text message or phone call.

You can also generate backup codes for offline access. Google generates 10 at a time and they’re designed to be single-use, so once you’ve successfully used one, cross it out (assuming you’ve printed them out) as it will no longer work.


For the paypal, go-to the main Summary page, click the gear icon and find the Security tab. Locate the section called “2-step verification” and navigate to Set Up link.

How to set up two step verification 2FA on your online accounts

An option to either have a code texted to you or use an authenticator app will pop up, select your preferred method.


Instead of the usual 2FA, Signal uses a PIN. Click your profile icon on the upper-left side and find “Privacy.” locate the “Registration Lock” to request for your PIN to be entered each time you re-register your phone number.

Signal requires your PIN to be at least four digits long, and up to a maximum of 20 digits.

When you active Registration Lock for the first time, Signal will ask you to type in your PIN in the first six and 12 hours after being enabled. The company says this is designed to help you to remember it through random repetition. So after the first day, it will ask you to enter it in the next day, then in three days, and finally one last time after a full week.

However, if you happen to forget your PIN and can’t log in to Signal, you will have to wait seven days of inactivity for your registration lock to expire, after which you can log in to your app again to set up a new PIN. Those who are already actively using Signal won’t have to worry about the Registration Lock resetting, as that clock only starts when the app isn’t open.


Directly on the Dropbox homepage on the web, navigate to your profile avatar, go-to Settings; then, locate and click the Security tab.

Check out for “Two-Step Verification”; it will tell you the status of your 2FA. Toggle to turn the feature on and choose to receive 2FA through a text or your authenticator app.

2FA for Snapchat

Go-to the app’s main camera screen, tap your profile icon and find the gear icon to access your settings.

Select “Two-Factor Authentication” and choose whether to receive a text message verification or hook it up to your authenticator app.

When 2FA is activated on your Snapchat account, you can add trusted devices or request a recovery code for when you’re planning to be somewhere without cellular service.


You’ll first need to locate the Account Settings page in order to allow 2FA. There are two ways of getting access to this:

To open the drop-down menu and select ‘View Profile,’ click your username in the upper-right corner of the Slack app. Your account information will now be displayed on the right side of the chat window. Press the three dotted icons for additional activities under your avatar and next to the “Edit Profile” button, and find “Account settings.”

You can equally go directly to
You can see the ‘Two-Factor Authentication’ selection right away.
If you don’t see a 2FA option, verify if your Slack account is for work.

However, if you are using private Slack, press “Expand” on the “Two-Factor Authentication” button to validate your data via an SMS or authenticator app. If you have several email addresses, before you can settle on your preferred 2FA form, you can need to choose a default one.


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