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Huawei, ZTE patent appeals dismissed by UK supreme court

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Huawei, ZTE patent appeals dismissed by UK supreme court

Appeals by China’s Huawei and ZTE in patent lawsuits over cell data infrastructure with Unwired Planet International and Conversant Wireless were unanimously rejected by the United Kingdom Supreme Court.

The first appeal involved a suit taken against Huawei by Unwired for the violation of five UK patents, which was purchased by Unwired from Ericsson and was claimed to be important in mobile telecoms.

Earlier, an English court determined that two of the patents were legitimate and necessary and concluded that Unwired ‘s license terms were reasonable and enforceable in a subsequent case.

But the judge of the jury had ruled against them, claiming that the court has authority within the telecommunications industry ‘s legal patent system.

On Wednesday the Supreme Court said all appeals had been unanimously rejected.

Boris Teksler, CEO of Conversant, said he was “very happy” with the decision, which the company claimed would have “important consequences worldwide” for standard-essential-patent licensing (SEP).

“It supports the Conversant Wireless approach, that as a holder of cellular standard-essential patents, we can obtain proper compensation for our patents without having to return to what the United Kingdom courts themselves called” the folly of country-by – country licenses and associated lawsuits, “he said.

“This helps level the playing field as small firms seek to sell SEP portfolios to corporate companies with almost unlimited capital for lawsuits.”

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