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Hushpuppi is not a fraudster, he’s into real estate – lawyer

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Hushpuppi is not a fraudster, he's into real estate – lawyer

Hushpuppi is not a fraudster, he’s into real estate – lawyer

Gal Pissetzky, Ramon Abbas alias Hushpuppi, the lawyer for suspected foreign fraudster, insists his client is not a fraudster.
According to Forbes, Pissetzky of Pissetzky & Berliner said Hushpuppi had run legitimate businesses like real estate.

It was previously reported how Dubai Police arrested the 37-year-old in Dubai , United Arab Emirates.

Police announced that the gang had committed fraud amounting to 1.6 billion Dirham (N168 billion) after Hushpuppi and 12 other members of his crew were arrested.

This has also been said that no less than 1,926,400 people from various parts of the world fall victim to the perpetrators.

13 luxury cars were retrieved from the house where they were held, estimated at 35 million Dirham (N3.7 billion) according to police.

The Dubai police eventually turned him over to the U.S. Federal Investigation Bureau where he had been charged, among others, with conspiracy charges to commit money laundering.

Among other allegations, the FBI alleged Hushpuppi was attempting to dupe a £ 100 m (N48.4bn) English Premier League football team.

The allegation is found in an affidavit filed with the Los Angeles Field Office Hi-Tech Organized Crime Squad by FBI Special Agent, Andre Innocenti.

Part of the affidavit said,

“Abbas and others conspired further to launder hundreds of millions of dollars from other fraudulent activities and code intrusions, including one plan to rob £ 100 million (around $124 million) from a soccer team in the English Premier League.”

The FBI further claimed that he risks spending 20 years in jail should Hushpuppi be convicted.

When talking to Forbes, the legal representative of Hushpuppi said his client is

“Absolutely not guilty of (the) crimes they accuse him of,” he said, “(he) has run a legitimate company and a very legitimate Instagram page, and has not engaged in any scam or fraud.”

Asked how Abbas paid for the way he worked, Pissetzky said,

“He’s businessman. He is interested in real estate, an Instagram personality. He had been endorsing brands and that’s how he made his money really legitimately.

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