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Igbos will fight for Biafra if we miss Presidency in 2023 – Nwodo

Igbos will fight for Biafra if we miss Presidency in 2023 – Nwodo

Okwesilieze Nwodo, ex chairman of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP), says that the elite in the south-east will join Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Biafra Indigenous People (IPOB), in calling for the Biafra Republic if the region fails to preside in 2023.

Kanu was at the forefront of Biafra ‘s protest over the argument that in Nigeria the Igbo are being marginalised.

He said the Igbo have been oppressed for more than 50 years, urging those who want their children a safe future to elect an Igbo man as president.

“The call from Yakassi is really rational and this is the best thing to do. “The country was led in the first republic by Tafawa Balewa, in the second republic by Shehu Shagari, and then those of us in the PDP made a very strong argument for transferring the presidency to the south-east, since even the military were all from the north, except for Aguiyi Ironsi, who presided for a very short time,” he said.

“We have been imprisoned for 50 years now, for fighting for democracy. How are we going to stop this marginalisation? Anyone who loves Nigeria and wishes Nigeria well should go for Igbo Presidency to move forward in 2023 for unity, fairness, equity and for Nigeria.

“It’s just an Igbo man who won’t marginalize any part of Nigeria, because we are the seed that keeps the nation united. We are the only tribe in every nook and cranny of Nigeria that you find; doing business and expanding wherever they are, as if it were their own place.

“I don’t think the Igbo are not United, there’s never been a time when any group came up with a consensus candidate, everybody came out through primary elections.

“There is no zone by consensus which created a candidate. It doesn’t matter how many people are involved, they’ll be subject to party primaries and winning would be the person with the highest vote.

“I agree with Nnamdi Kanu on all that he says about the Igbo’s marginalization. He, has put it on the international map more than any other person. When Nigeria informs the people in the south-east that they will be regarded in Nigeria as second-class citizens, and that they will never be rulers, virtually all of them will go with Kanu to fight for Biafra.

“Whatever wants to be a second-class citizen should back up whatever he wants. Any Igbo man who wants to bequeath to himself and the generation yet unborn a secured future should support this call for Igbo presidency.

“Nigeria will award the presidency to the south-east in the spirit of justice and equality in 2023, otherwise we will join him and fight for Biafra”.

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