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I’m depressed about the state of UNIPORT – VC

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Im depressed about the state of UNIPORT - VC

I’m depressed about the state of UNIPORT, new VC

Freshly assigned Acting Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Port Harcourt University (UNIPORT), Rivers State, Prof Stephen Okodudu claims he is depressed by the magnitude of hereditary issues in the midst of the presidential mandate to restore peace to university.

Okodudu, detailing his roadmap to fulfill the responsibility given him by President Mohammadu Buhari, said he felt frustrated at assuming duty with 59 inherited litigations outside Rivers and a shared sense of insecurity in UNIPORT in critical stakeholders’ estimation.

In discussion with the Ministries of Education, the Executive Secretary of the National Universities Commission ( NUC), internal stakeholders and the host community of Aluu, the VC said it deduced that its main task is to “restore peace to UNIPORT.”

He said: “I have never seen UNIPORT in such a tough time as we are in now to tell us the truth. They have a very poor impression about us and our University from interactions with the Ministry of Education, NUC and even the internal stakeholders. I am just saddened by this discovery.

“While I’m not bothered over who was right or wrong, I know that this is not what we are as an institution. From the Handover note of immediate past VC, as at June 12, 2020, UNIPORT has 59 different cases in various courts in and out of Rivers State.

“While there may be legitimate reasons to continue these cases in court, my consultations so far disclose that there is a typically felt need through Alternative Dispute Resolution ( ADR) that we can address most, if not all, of the legal issues.

“Conflict is omnipresent in human society, but the foundation for life-threatening conflicts in UNIPORT, insofar as, after more than four decades of existence, we have not yet been able to ensure a smooth transition from one substantive administration to another, is not only disappointing, but has also brought a cruel blow to UNIPORT ‘s prestige.”

He said: “I am going to rely on the committee structure to direct decisions and policies to address all issues, even those with legal consequences. I shall immediately create the Subsisting and Addressing Staff and University Student Grievances Committees.

“The main purpose is to propel the University in the path where there is no dissipation of scarce financial and other resources at avoidable burdens. The committees are required to submit reports within one month when the membership is elected.

Okodudu promised to bring all along, calling for the support of all UNIPORT stakeholders, encouraging constructive criticism to boost the varsity ranking while pledging “zero tolerance toward intentional divisive tendencies to undermine peace and university stability.”

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