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Jacob Zuma sued by wife over maintenance money

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Jacob Zuma sued by wife over maintenance money

Ex South African President, Jacob Zuma reportedly sued by third wife over maintenance money.

Former South African President Jacob Zuma was on Tuesday, August 18, represented in court by his lawyer Nqabayethu Buthelezi after being sued by his third wife, Tobeka Madiba over her and her school-going daughter’s maintenance funds.

Tobeka, who is requesting a monthly maintenance fee of R14 000 for keeping their 14-year-old daughter, has dragged Zuma to the Durban Magistrate’s court.

Mabuza, who refuted the former president ‘s argument that after his split from his wife earlier this year, he did not help his daughter, also pointed out that Tobeka had not served since the child was born.
Yet the trial concluded without a final settlement.

Zuma ‘s legal aides-Advocate Nqaba Buthelezi and Advocate Rudolph Mbalula made no comment after the hearing which was held in camera.

Tobeka also declined to comment after the hearing, as members of the Presidential Security Unit whisked her away, using a back exit.

Thulasizwe Mahlobo, the maintenance lawyer, said he could only reveal that the procedure was a pure consultation that required hearing from both sides and not a court case. He said that;

“It was just a phase of mediating certain issues that were happening and then we just tried to find friendly ground … I was just facilitating.

“I was just negotiating and I don’t really have the right to share all the details right now unless the attorneys are satisfied on both sides and whatever we’ve decided.”

Mahlobo said that, in the immediate future, all parties would return to court for further hearings in his presence.

He said that;

“We are yet to come back. All sides will also continue to negotiate with their parties (Zuma and Madiba) and they will then come back to me. Then we’ll finalize all we’ve done with them and what actually happened during the meeting.

“Nothing has been mentioned yet, but at the moment both parties were expected to place their sides of the story in order to find neutral ground. You see, this was all about the meeting.’

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