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Kanye West talks about being infected with Covid-19

Kanye West talks about being infected with Covid-19 & Abandoning Donald Trump

Kanye West talks about being infected with Covid-19

Kanye West an American rapper and presidency aspirant 2020, has disclosed how he was sick with the coronavirus, and his reason for dumping President Donald Trump.

The born-again rapper explained in a recent interview with Forbes that he would not campaign under the Democratic Party or the Republican Party but the #BirthdayParty. At the moment, when it comes to his campaign advisors, Kanye says that those names are kept down by his wife Kim Kardashian and West, and Elon Musk.

When it comes to why he has chosen to run under the “Birthday Party,” Kanye said, “Because when we win it is birthday for everyone.”

He also spoke of not giving his support to #DonaldTrump any more, and said, “To me it looks like a huge mess. I don’t like the breeze I got that he was hidden in the bunker”.

Speaking back in February about battling COVID-19 he reported that he was severely ill and had to take hot showers and watch numerous videos to help him recover. “Chills, trembling in the bed, taking hot showers, watching video clips asking me what I can do to get over it. I think someone told me that Drake had the coronavirus and Drake couldn’t be sicker than me!

He claimed that God gave him the insight on why he wanted to officially run for presidency in 2020. “Just God gave me the clarity and said it was time. You know I’ve been out there, winding up in the er, people calling me nuts. I am not insane.

Amongst all the influences and the places we can put in as musicians — you’re going on tour, you ‘re putting out all these songs, and you’re looking up and you have no money in your account.

It can make you nuts, I looked insane through all of that because it wasn’t the time. Now the time is come. And we don’t get crazy, we’re going Yeezy, now it’s a whole ‘notha level’. N-O-T-H-A.

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