List of required items you should take to NYSC camp

List of required items you should take to NYSC camp.

NYSC Camp Requirements Both Things Needed For NYSC Camp / Things Not Allowed In NYSC Camp [Compulsory And Non Compulsory] Items For 2021 Orientation Programme

NYSC camp requirements for 2021, both mandatory and non-mandatory items: This article will explore both what is required for NYSC camp 2021 orientation session.

If you’re going to NYSC camp for the orientation course, there are a few things you should bring with you. Every year, the National Youth Service Corps organizes batches of graduates from Nigerian academic institutions to serve the country. The NYSC year begins with a three-week camping or orientation program during which you will be prepped and “conditioned” for the service year ahead.

Are you preparing to go NYSC camp? Before you rush to get started, there are several important NYSC camp criteria that you should be aware of and get. This post will help you !!

There are a few things you should bring to the NYSC camp in order to enjoy the three weeks. Many of Nigeria’s NYSC orientation camps aren’t much to write home about.

Certainly, the worst thing that can happen to a corps member is to arrive at camp and learn that they have forgotten to bring certain vital documents that will prevent them from registering. Everything you need to know about it is listed below.

List of required items you should take to NYSC camp:

Compulsory NYSC Camp Requirements For Registration

Compulsory documents are listed below (If you arrive in the NYSC camp with none of them, you will not be registered by the camp officials).

1. Final year official school ID card

You’ll need the original as well as two (2) photocopies. To obtain a “final year ID card,” go to your school’s Directorate of Students’ Affairs and make a request. In alternative of a final year ID card, NYSC accepts a school ID card. However, the departmental ID card will not be accepted.

2. Statement of result (B. SC or HND)

The original and four (4) photocopies of your Degree or HND declaration of outcome are required. It’s even better if you have the actual certificate. If you don’t know what to do, just go with the result statement.

Do not attend the NYSC camp if you do not have your statement of result. You must produce the original certificate for foreign-trained grads.

Apart from that, graduates of Nigerian polytechnics shall submit both ND and HND statements of results.

Medical doctors, pharmacists, optometrists, and other medical professionals should attend the camp with an original registration certificate from the Nigerian Medical Council, Pharmacist Board, or Optometrist Registration Council, as well as proof of housemanship or internship completion.

3. NYSC Call-up letter

Remember to have your call-up letter handy! You’ll need the original as well as four (4) photocopies. This letter will be mailed to you within a few days of your online registration.

Please do not laminate your call-up letter because a laminated copy would be rejected by NYSC.

4. NYSC Green card

Please remember to bring your Green Card. Make four (4) photocopies of the original. After completing the NYSC online registration process, you will receive a green card via email. Do not, under any circumstances, laminate it!

Note that both the Green Card and the call-up letter must be printed in color.

5. Recent passport photograph

Kindly take atleast eight (8) recent passport photographs. White should be the background color.

6. Medical Certificate of Fitness

Bring two (2) copies of a medical certificate of fitness obtained from any Nigerian government hospital or military healthcare center.

7. Uploaded Documents

Foreign-trained graduates should bring the originals of all documentation they uploaded during the online registration process to the camp.

List of required items you should take to NYSC camp:

[Personal Needs] Items to Bring to NYSC Camp
The items listed below are not required for NYSC camp, but they are necessary for personal comfort. If you wish to have a good time at NYSC camp, bring the following items:

1. White round-necked T-shirts

This uniform is worn every day during the NYSC camp’s 21-day stay. Only two will be given to you by NYSC, but they are of poor quality and may not fit you. Furthermore, you may not love wearing only two clothes for three weeks at the camp where you will be staying. Therefore, you are advised to bring along white round-necked T-shirts.

2. White Shorts

NYSC will also provide you with two pairs of shorts, but they will be of poor quality and may not fit you properly. You’ll need extra pairs to avoid being stranded if it tears.

3. White tennis Shoes & White Socks

This will be provided by NYSC, but you should purchase an extra pair for yourself.

4. Tea or beverages

This is critical for individuals who do not enjoy the camp’s watery tea. To make it tick, some individuals collect camp tea and then add some spoons from their tea.

5. Toiletries

Antiseptics, pesticides, towels, sanitary pads, pampas, and other items are available. These are necessary for preventing infections and skin infections.

6. Mosquitoes Net is very important in NYSC camp

This is critical; I know you don’t want to go to camp and become ill. Mosquitoes and other camp insects will be kept at bay with the use of a mosquito net. Bring one net and a rope to secure it to your bunk.

7. You need Some cash in NYSC camp

You should bring some cash to the camp because there are a lot of activities that cost money there. Things like meals, phone charging, photography, laundry, and so forth.

8. Torchlight in NYSC camp

Don’t suggest you’re going to use your phone’s touch at night! It’s necessary to have a torchlight, so make sure you get rechargeable ones.

9. You will need Waist Pouch in NYSC camp

A waste bag or pouch is required. This will be your money keeper as well as a safe deposit box for vital belongings including phones, cash, ID cards, keys, ATM cards, and more.

10. Padlocks are Important in NYSC camp

To prevent camp burglars from having access to your belongings, you’ll need a padlock to secure your boxes and bags.

The thieves in the NYSC camp steal a lot of costly items from people. I’m sure you don’t want to be a victim.

11. Your Phone and Power Bank

This is important in terms of communication. Please also get power bank and a cell phone if you don’t already have one.

12. Other Important Things to Bring to NYSC Camp
To avoid overburdening yourself, you can get additional items such as bedsheets, pillows, buckets, and other bulky items from mammy market (camp market). You can also look at the list of things that are not permitted in the NYSC camp.

Prohibited items that are not allowed in NYSC Camp

NYSC (Corps) members should be aware that Soldiers, Man ‘O’ War, and NYSC officials are in charge of training corps members in the camp.

There are several items that Corps members are not permitted to bring to camp due to the presence of soldiers. The following is a list of items that are not permitted in NYSC camp. And if you don’t comply, the military may confiscate your property or decamp you.

  • Television Set
  • Boiling Ring
  • Pets/Animal
  • Pressing Iron
  • Motorbike
  • Cars/Vehicle
  • Mattress/Foam
  • Cutlers
  • Big Luggage
  • Laptop
  • Suite Case
  • Gas Cylinder/Stove
  • Food Stuff
  • Others

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