Longrich products are good, organic, effective and safe to use

Longrich products are good, organic, effective and safe to use

» Longrich products are good, organic, effective and safe to use

So many people have been asking; how effective is the longrich product?

Infact while discussing with a friend of mine couple of days ago, telling him how my sister introduced me to the longrich products, he left me with the same question, how effective are longrich products? are they organic and safe to use?

I briefed him on that, and same time decided to write an article about that on this brand, infozer.

Recall some people are into fashion, modeling, and other related jobs, and thus need some products to keep fit and glowing. However, the risk of using products which will adversely affect the body or affected areas where applied is what people are afraid of. This is a belief that eventually lead to the evolution of organic body care products.

According to Quora – What is long rich? Longrich is Longrich is the largest and most advanced centre for the research, development, manufacture and sales of cosmetics and healthcare products in China, with their trade mark in 184 countries & products in over 50 countries of the world. The company’s visionary Chairman Zu Zhiwei is one of China’s top Entrepreneurs.

There are so many companies like longrich that deal on organic products, but we I can only attest for the longrich because I personally make use of it till date.

Longrich products are good, organic, effective and safe to use.

They are good because they are well processed and packed specially for humans. Longrich does not market finished product on behalf of companies , it has about nine research institute all over the world, therefore, longrich research, develop and manufacture organic health and body care products .

They are organic because a reasonable percentage of their product content is being extracted from natural agricultural produce. Eg:- the Longrich calcium package.

From experience, longrich products are effective. I use the longrich soap, toothpaste, cream, deodorants and turely it is trustworthy following the positive outcomes I’ve noticed like bright glowing skin, fresh breathe, and pleasant refreshing fragrance.

Some organic products you can get from longrich

Did you know Longrich manufactures a wide range of product which includes but not limited to:-

  • toothpastes,
  • bathing soaps,
  • green tea,
  • mosquito repellents,
  • hand cream,
  • sanitary napkins,
  • panty liners,
  • natural antibiotics,
  • cooking pots
  • and many other Longrich skin care products.

Which long rich product is good for ulcer?

The longrich toothpaste is one of the best solutions to Mouth Ulcer.

LONGRICH products has remedies to Bone weakness, Tuberculosis, Hypertension, Cancer, Male mouth ulcer, prostate cancer, male infertility, insomnia, Fibroid, dizziness, female infertility, low immunity, leprosy, tooth ache cavity, Tuberculosis dental decay, chronic cough e.t.c

» Longrich products are good, organic, effective and safe to use

Benefits of partnership / working with longrich company


To join the fast moving team, contact us

✨Maximum of 3 legs
✨No time frame (no pressure)
✨ No compulsory monthly purchases(target /authorship).
✨Weekly bonus payment {Green Thursday}.
✨Grow at your own pace
✨Unlimited accumulation of bonus points.
✨ Leadership

✨TRAVELS: The coy organizes minimum of three to four all expense paid international trips annually for deserving distributors who met certain requirements. So far the company has organized trips to Malaysia, USA, Dubai United Kingdom, South Africa, China etc

✨CAR: The company runs a yearly Car promo. Longrich Int’l has awarded over 300 brand new cars within 4 years of her operation in Nigeria and other African countries.

✨HOUSE: N25 million house fund is awarded to Star Directors. This money is accrued from your house fund incentive points.


  1. Performance bonus: Your entry status as silver (8%), gold (10% ) or Platinum/VIP(12%) determines your earning power. PB is paid weekly on all generations till infinity!
  2. Development bonus: (10% flat) paid on 2 of the highest PV (purchase value)per level.
  3. Leadership bonus : (10% – 45%) paid on sponsorship tree up to 12th generation according to your ranking.
  4. Retail order bonus: (25%- 50%) paid on retail/repeat orders!

Incentives are points that accumulate in your E-commerce wallet. These points are equivalent to cash and members can withdraw them anytime to meet their needs. It can either be used to buy land, house, car, trips etc

  1. Platinum VIP incentive: (earn 1% of Longrich global sales profit every cycle, can be converted to travel/car/house. This is profit made in 188 countries where Longrich operate.
  2. Worldwide incentive: (earned from Diamond 4 level and above) 2.5% of company global sales

3: Star Directors worldwide Incentive: (earn 1% of company’s global shares)

The earning potential in this business is huge, all that is required is DRIVE, PASSION, PERSISTENCE and ACTION.

The earning percentages
increases as you move up the marketing growth progression ladder unlike in other networks that it decreases!

Your earnings increases and explodes as your team grows, that’s why it’s possible for a distributor who has only been in the business for only three months to earn 2m weekly. Qualify for international trips and cars….

Performance bonus are paid on all generations till infinity.

The compensation is superb and highly generous. It rewards hardworking distributors every step of the way thus propelling you to financial freedom.

This is the right time to join Longrich amazing opportunity with amazing compensation plan because if you wait for a perfect condition, you will never get started. the best time to start is NOW!


Longrich Int’l sponsors Star Directors for a 4 year (9 days per year) Executive MBA programme in Regis University in Denver, Colorado (USA)

Longrich sponsors a 4 year degree program to study any course of your choice in the prestigious SOCHOOW UNIVERSITY in China. Directors are given slots to recommend any person of their choice.

Longrich believes in giving back to her partners to enhance personal development.

By partnering with this multinational Asian manufacturing company called Longrich, you are building capacity for your business empire that will announce your name to generations unborn!

  1. Longrich has fast moving daily consumable
    products sanitary napkins,
    panty liners, bamboo soaps, mosquito
    repellant sprays, mouth fresheners,
    body washes/creams, baby shower
    gels, baby heat powder, health wines, antiperspirants,
    hand creams, toothpaste, shampoos,
    coffee, water purification system,teas,
    effective nutritional supplements,
    energy cups, alkaline energy pots,
    nutrivrich vegefruit drinks etc.

NOW is the time to get on board!
Be part of us!

How to register with Longrich:

To register for longrich CONTACT US, we’ll help, mentor and guide you through.

The Longrich products are good, organic, effective and safe to use. If you have any questions or contribution, do so via the comment section below.

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