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Manchester United manager shares Pogba’s new contract update

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Manchester United manager shares Pogba's new contract update

Manchester United manager shares Pogba’s new contract update

The Manchester United manager, Solskjaer shares new Pogba vontract update.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hopes that Manchester United will be able to agree a new deal with Paul Pogba over his long-term future in the face of continuing uncertainty.

The current deal with France International expires next season with the club having an option to extend it for another year, and while the midfielder continues to be tipped away with a move away from Old Trafford – with his agent Mino Raiola keen on engineering a move – Solskjaer is hoping to extend his stay.

“I can’t comment on the negotiations between players and clubs but we want to keep the best players around the club, of course,” Solskjaer responded when asked if Pogba will get a new deal.

“We want to create a forward-looking squad. Scott [McTominay] and Nemanja [Matic] have similar positions but are at various stages of their careers. One is very experienced at the beginning and then we do need players in that mid-range category.

Solskjaer has talked extensively about how this summer’s transfer window won’t be business as usual, and if United want to cash in on Pogba instead of offering him a new contract, there’s an assumption that they won’t be able to demand the same amount of money they could in a pre-Covid era.

Leroy Sane ‘s move to Bayern Munich for €49 million (£44.7m/$55 m) has already set the stage for this summer’s window, and Solskjaer claims the transfer shows reality when the market opens.

“I think the entire world has changed financially as well as the sense of values that we have,” Solskjaer said. “I think it’s sensible and realistic every time I put a case in front of Ed (Woodward).

“I believe I’ve always proven I’ve had the club in front of my eyes, I want the best for the club. I don’t think that this will suit me for a short period and I don’t think that personally. I always think long-term and try to make great deals, and with money, personal money as well, I am very cautious.

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