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Materials and Metallurgical Engineering – FUTO

Materials & Metallurgical Engineering – FUTO

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering – FUTO

Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME), is one out of the eleven engineering courses offered in the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET), Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO).

Introduction to the Materials and Metallurgical Engineering discipline

Did you know that all engineering products utilizes materials?

The steel of automobiles, building structures, materials for aircrafts, ocean vessels, concrete of highways, etc are all engineering materials.

Each if these products requires materials of defined characteristics, such that the material can be processed into the final desired product not only satisfactorily, but economically also.

The most important design consideration in manufacturing projects are materials and their properties, as they do have critical roles to play in the performance / service life of the product.

Metallurgical Engineering is the study of production, properties and uses of metals and alloys. The course has been traditionally offered in many tertiary institutions world wide, as per the extensive use of metals such as iron and steel, aluminum, copper, tintanum, magnesium etc. as well as their alloys respectively in the engineering products.

Materials engineering broadens the scope of engineering materials beyond that of metals and their alloys. Thus, materials engineering is interested in the properties of a wide range of materials including electronic materials, ceramics, glass, polymers, and many other natural and man made materials.

A materials engineer by profession must therefore know how to manufacture and specify the materials for suspension bridges, TV sets, computers, oil refineries, rocket motors, nuclear reactors, supersonic transport vehicles, electricity generation stations, automobiles etc.

Students in this discipline are properly exposed to physics and chemistry of materials: with emphasis on structure-property relations the changes in structure and the concomitant property changes realizable through thermal and mechanical treatments.

Courses in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Students of Materials & Metallurgical Engineering are usually exposed, but are not limited to the knowledge listed below:-

Employment opportunities in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

Graduates of the department have wide opportunities for self employment for employment in both public and private sectors of the economy.

They can be consultants or research personnels to both local and international firms, and or educational institutions of higher learning.

However, employment opportunities exisit in the following establishments:-

  1. Iron and steel industries
  2. University and research laboratories
  3. Foundries
  4. Steel rolling Mills
  5. Ore beneficiation companies
  6. Construction industries
  7. Corrosion consulting firms
  8. Nuclear power plants
  9. Welding firms
  10. Design consulting companies
  11. Banks, insurance, and law firms (esp. forensic metallurgist)
  12. sheet metal factories
  13. Armaments factories
  14. Computer and electronic industries
  15. Scrap recycling industries
  16. Ceramic industries
  17. Glass industries
  18. Polymer industries
  19. Petroleum industries
  20. Fertilizer industries
  21. Cement manufacturing firms
  22. Automobiles, aircrafts, ship building industries
  23. Self employed (Entrepreneur)
  24. Etc.

Admission requirements to study Materials and Metallurgical Engineering

N/B:- If you have questions, enquires or contribution to make, you can do so via the comment box below.

Do you like Materials and Metallurgical Engineering Discipline? If yes tell us why, likewise if No, tell us why. We’ll love to hear from you!!

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