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Most expensive sheep in the world sold for $490,000

Most expensive sheep in the world sold for $490,000

A sheep has been reportedly sold at an auction in Scotland this week for a record of 350,000 guineas – or around $490,000 in American money.

According to a news release by the Texel Sheep Society, the lamb, called Double Diamond, had created excitement before the Scottish National Texel sale began in Lanark. Bidding began at 10,000 guineas (only around $13,000).

A potential deal drove the price up until a deal was struck to divide the sheep between three farms.

“It’s just like any other business — horse racing or cattle company,” one of the winning bidders, Jeff Aiken, told The Guardian. “Something unusual comes along every once in a while and yesterday an extra special Texel came up.

Everybody wanted a piece of this.

According to the Texel Sheep Culture, Texel sheep originated in Holland, and are a favorite butcher.

It’s common for livestock to be sold in UK auction guineas, and one guinea converts into around $1.40 US dollars.

For a sheep called Deveronvale Perfection in 2009, the previous record for one sheep was 230,000 pounds-over $307,000 in US currency.

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