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Newborn baby found dumped in soakaway pit

Newborn baby found dumped in soakaway pit

A Newborn baby reportedly found dumped in soakaway pit has been rescued by locals.

Locals rescued a newborn after he was discovered in a soakaway in the state of Ogun.

According to reports Children playing around the soakaway located on Oyo Road, Olorin community in Adiyan, Ogun State, heard the baby’s cries on Saturday, August 8.

The kids rushed to tell a woman that a cock had dropped into the soakaway pit, but when the woman checked, she realized that it was a baby’s scream so she notified people.

This incident occurred at the Agbado Police Station as efforts were being made to rescue the baby boy, and a team visited the scene.

However, a welder helped break the iron bars that lined the soakaway, and took the baby out.

Because of the appearance of the belly button, it’s assumed to be a day-old baby, and was then taken for medical care at the Oke Aro Health Centre.

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