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Nigerian arrested by Dubai Police over online dating scam

Nigerian arrested by Dubai Police over online dating scam

Nigerian arrested by Dubai Police over online dating scam

The defendant has been acquitted for allegedly tricking a victim to his credit card on a dating app and obtaining unauthorized access.
A 22-year-old Nigerian is on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance, after robbing around $8,200 of a Turkish man.

The Nigerian lured his victim through a dating app, locked him inside a hotel apartment and stole his money, according to court records.

Helped by other perpetrators still at large, the Nigerian made a social media account to trick the victim who went to a flat in the Al Barsha region thinking he was going to meet a girl on social media that he came across.

An Emirati policeman testified that after the defendant assaulted him and took his money, the victim, of Turkish descent, reported the incident.

The gang lured the victim to the apartment, shut down the door, bound his hands, attacked him and threatened him with death.

“The perpetrators assaulted me and they use my bank card and information to withdraw Dh30,000($8,167) from bank account. They were three men and one woman, “the victim told police reports.

Dubai Public Prosecution charged the Nigerian, 22, with locking the victim inside an apartment, theft and using his credit card without permission.

The Nigerian will stand trial until proceedings begin on July 16, Gulf News says.

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