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Nigerian Man Who Slaughtered Ram To Celebrate Buhari’s Victory In 2015 Explains Why He Regrets Doing That



Al Amin Yahya, an angry Nigerian man, has revealed his some of his regrets.

The Nigerian man came out to say he regrets slaughtering a ram just to celebrate President Buhari’s victory at the polls in 2015.

Yahya who hitherto was a diehard supporter of President Buhari, said this while reacting to a tweet posted by a presidential aide, Bashir Ahmad, on the recent Kankara boys’ abduction and safe return.

Yahya’s tweet reads ”When It Comes To Security Wise, I Have Never Seen An Administration That Is Shamelessly Failing It’s Citizens, I Regret Fasting So That Buhari Would Win, I Regret The Slaughter Of Ram I Did For His Victory In 2015. I Regret Skipping Fajr Prayer Just To Vote For Him On That Day.”

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