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Osimhen to get €2.5m if Napoli win Champions League

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Osimhen to get €2.5m if Napoli win Champions League

The genuine expense of the move of Victor Osimhen from Lille to Napoli was estimated at €47.5 million, with some accounting methods being used to hit € 80 million, the Corriere Dello Sport reports.

The Corriere Dello Sport has done some research and worked out the operation’s ‘absolute’ expense is probably closer to €47.5 m – and even that can be compensated for over five years.

There are also € 2.5 million in incentives to hit € 50 million, but that is only when Napoli wins the Champions League. Then, there’s another €10 m in performance-related incentives, which is often very hard to obtain, for example winning the Ballon d’Or.

A total € 20 m is estimated by sending goalkeeper Orestis Karnezis-Napoli ‘s third choice-and three youth team players to Lille, each valuing at €5 m.

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