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Price of petrol fuel increases to N151.56 per litre

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Price of petrol fuel increases to N151.56 per litre

The FG has increased petrol fuel price to N151.56 per litre.

The Nigerian government had reportedly announced a rise in the pump price of petrol to N151.56 per litre, via the Pipelines and Product Marketing Company (PPMC).

The Nigeria Labor Congress, NLC, has blamed the federal government for the pump price hike in petrol.

NLC Chief, Comrade Ayuba Wabba, said the increase of 151 per litre was a sign that the federal government took Nigerians for nothing.

Wabba said organized labour can not maintain industrial peace in Nigeria in a tweet.

Wabba claimed the federal government has abused Nigerians’ trust in protecting them.

According to Wabba: “In fact, we are in shock with Nigerians and even NLC, and that rise is coming at a time when many Nigerians are going through very peculiar and precarious times.

“It is like taking Nigerian for a trip, the petroleum price rise is like adding salt to injury.

“Petroleum price rises have now emerged more than three times in three months. And they have reduced the interest rate on deposits to exacerbate it, which also affects the poor and the vulnerable.

“While I firmly oppose this, I think the Nigerian government has taken Nigerians for granted.

“Nigerians are becoming poorer and poorer at the end of the day, in fact , a lot of people are already on the brink. Lots of staff are on the brink now.

“We definitely can’t guarantee industrial peace and harmony, and we’ll have to call our bodies and we’ll have to respond as well, but we reject it all. They have betrayed Nigerians’ confidence to shield Nigerians from the economic threat we face.

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