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Saskatchewan resumes school activities for 2020/2021 session

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Saskatchewan Resumes School Activities For 2020/2021 Session

Saskatchewan Resumes School Activities

The Government of Saskatchewan has declared resumption of school activities (in-classroom learning for the Forth coming school session) for Pre-kindergarten to Grade 12.

Since 20th March, Saskatchewan schools have been on an indefinite shut down following the COVlD-19 outbreak.

The new school year/session is scheduled to commence by September 1, based on regular school / academic calendar.

Gordon Wyant, incumbent Minister of Education, said that “School reopening is indeed a significant achievement for our community and an important element for families to return to a fresh-normal.”

“He applauded the effort made by both teachers / staff to ensure effective connection with their students even while in-class learning got suspended.”

Saskatchewan Resumes School Activities For 2020/2021 Session | Guidelines

Regarding the students’ safety, he guaranteed that the Ministry of Education will, in partnership with the Education Response Planning Team, disburse guidelines on public health (will be readily accessible to the school division as early as next week) that will be established in concert with the Chief Medical Health Officer.

The health and safety of students , employees and caregivers is the priority of the Government. As preparations and implementation processes kick off, the Chief Medical Health Officer must also give due guidance.

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The Education Response Coordination Committee, which encompasses members of the Saskatchewan Teachers’ Union and the Saskatchewan School Boards Association, the Saskatchewan Association of School Business Officials and the League of Educational Managers, Directors and Supervisors, will partner with the school divisions to evaluate the appropriate logistics.

While the situation for which a return to the classroom in the fall is expected, backup arrangements must be in place in case of an escalated risk of transmission, and in-class learning can not resume as scheduled, either regionally or provincially.

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