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School of nursing gwagwalada online admission form sale – FCTA warns against fraudsters

School of Nursing Gwagwalada Online Admission Form Sale

School of Nursing Gwagwalada Online Admission Form Sale

The FCTA has cautioned candidates against getting into the hands of scammers over admission into the nursing school.

Some persons have been known to scam innocent applicants seeking entry into the school.

Leo Musa, the FCTA’s acting director of the nursing department, the FCTA’s Health and Human Services Secretariat (HHSS), said that the school’s sale has not been officially confirmed.

Some fraudsters have been labeled by the Federal Capital Territorial Administration (FCTA) as Scammers, selling fake 2020/2021 admission form of the School of Nursing, Gwagwalada, on the Internet.

The Nation reports that the FCTA ‘s acting director of nursing, Health and Human Services Secretariat (HHSS), Leo Musa, stated this on June 12th, at a news conference in Abuja.

She stated “ reports about the sales of this form had been coming to the department from many people ” , highlighting that the Gwagwalada nursing school has not started selling any form.

“For now we have nothing like that, we want to draw the public’s attention to this, anybody on the internet dealing with such fraudsters is doing so at their own stake.

“As a secretariat we have not obtained any authorization for this, with the COVID-19 on the ground and the Federal Government ‘s rules on the virus, we are not expected to go against it.

“We’ve written a disclaimer on the internet, we know it relates to the school, but yet news about the sales of this form are always getting to us,” Musa added.

The forms should not be expected to sell till the COVID-19 pandemic ends, she stressed.

Musa observed that the interest of the school management was called to the fact that some people went there to inform it of the form they have already purchased.

She said a letter to that effect has been sent to the permanent secretary, Federal Capital Territory, via the HHSS acting secretary, Mohammed Kawu, to see what can be done about this matter.

She noted that opinions had also been provided on the matter, for it to be transferred over to the security department to help track the scammers, who were already using various internet accounts to scam people.

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