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Share academic questions and get simplified solutions

Share Academic Questions & Get Simplified Solutions

Share Academic Questions & Get Simplified Solutions

It’s no news that at the end of every class/lecture/tutorial, the teacher or lecturer often give take-home assignments to students to solve.

The assignments usually given to students are most times tougher than that solved as an example during class.

A lecturer once said; “Solving questions is always easy in class”, following the “yes we do” response he normally gets whenever he asks: Do y’all understand what I’m teaching?

Funny enough what he said is true!!

Most people take the question:- “Do y’all understand what I’m teaching?” for granted, usually for reasons not limited to shy of being the dull student, low self esteem, and or lack of confidence to speak where there is a good number / gatherings of people.

Such students usually fall victim of not doing take-home assignments, especially if they don’t find the solution from online sources and or peers.

Failure to participate in assignments (continuous assessment), no matter how little the marks awarded to it may appear, results into poor cummulative grade points, and thus adversely affect the general academic performance of such student.

However, there are serious students who also loose continuous assessment marks due to the difficulty level of the take-home assignments. This is mostly recorded when students are unfortunate to have inexperienced lecturers handing their course. (For example:- when an inexperienced lecturer lectures you on Engineering thermodynamics / Heat & Mass Transfer), it will be hell on the students’ part.

Some students do prepare for their internal / external examinations afore time, by reading and practicing previous years past questions. These set of students usually encounter problems that is beyond their capacity of understanding, thus seek for any possible means of getting the problem solved.

That’s why we are here for you. Infozer has taken up the responsibility of helping students to solve their take-home assignments, past questions, etc and other related academic problems.

The Academic Question Problem may be from Waec, Neco, PostUTME, Undergraduate & postgraduate students (University, Polytechnic, College of Education), Etc.

Share Academic Questions and Get Simplified Solutions

How to share Your questions:-

You can post your questions via the comment box section below. We shall reply you with the correct / simplified solutions.

Questions that can’t be shared via comment box, maybe due to sensitive rights or whatsoever can be sent to us via other means. >> CONTACT US <<. We shall review them as soon as possible.

Note:- Feel free answer any question you see on the comment box area, as long as you have a solution. A particular question can be solved with different methods / applications, because we all have different ideas to tackle problems.

Spamming via Comment-box his highly prohibited!!

Now let’s get started!! Post your questions and get a simplified solution.

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