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Taylor Swift donates £23,000 to teenager who set up a GoFundMe so she could attend university

Taylor Swift donates £23,000 to teenager who set up a GoFundMe so she could attend university

Famous Singer, Taylor Swift has donated a sum of £23,000 to a teenage girl who set up a GoFundMe support foundation, so she could attend the university.

Taylor Swift has contributed more than £23,000 to a girl who has established a fundraiser for GoFundMe so she can go to university.

Tottenham student Vitoria Mario wants to be a mathematician. She stated in her online petition that after being given an unrestricted position to study mathematics at the University of Warwick, she could not afford to carry it on.

Taylor Swift found her appeal for GoFundMe, and decided to make a generous donation while leaving the teenager a touching message.

Taylor wrote to the teen: “Vitoria, I came across your story online and am so encouraged by your passion and commitment to making your goals into reality. I want to give you the remaining sum of your target. Good luck with everything you do! Love, Taylor.”

In response, Vitoria said: “My mind was blown away. I was thinking how to meet enough people to achieve my target and now this dream has happened. I’m so over the moon. I’ve just had 1A and 2A*s in my test results so this is such a big cherry on the cake!”

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