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UNIOSUN re-approves students union government activities

UNIOSUN Reapproves Students Union Government Activities

UNIOSUN Reapproves Students Union Government Activities

The Osun State University (UNIOSUN) has officially declared that the ban on students’ union activities is lifted.

On Wednesday, June 9, 2020, Osun State University management led by vice-chancellor Professor Labode Popoola lifted the ban on the University’s student union activities.

The long-term ban was lifted in a meeting with the university’s student activists, following the embracement of the constitution compiled by past student leaders who are currently university’s alumni.

It’d be recounted that central student union operations had not existed since the University ‘s inception. The activities of the student union were essentially limited to the faculties.

Talking about the revocation of the student unionism ban, the vice-chancellor said he was very pleased to declare that the student union ‘s constitution had been approved as planned by the committee members, and that the student activists could now assemble to choose their key officials.

At this crucial period in our country’s history, we believe it is very important to allow student leaders to interact openly within the framework of the laws so that they can accurately express the students’ generality yearnings. “As student leaders and representatives, you have to show exemplary character and competence.

The times of “we go no gree” are flown. Professor Popoola reprimanded the students to adequately collaborate with the administration to improve academic buy-in for the different advanced programs the administration is promoting.

The student leaders comprising the presidents of all faculties were all delighted and incredibly thankful as they approved the constitution and embraced it.

Later on the vice-chancellor urged the Ag. Dean of Student Affairs, Dr. Oluseye Abiona to cooperate with the Faculty Presidents on how to execute the constitutional provisions.

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