Woman Caught On Video Brutally Assaulting Her Daughter, Attempting To Break Her Elbow While Brushing Her Teeth

In what will come across as a really heartbreaking development, a woman was filmed brutally assaulting her young daughter while helping her brush her teeth at their home on Sango Ota, Ogun State.

In a video shared online, the mum is seen forcefully slapping her daughter across the face, causing her head to hit the floor.

She soon begins brushing the girls teeth then stops halfway, keeps the toothbrush aside, and starts bending the girl’s elbow while the girl screams in pain.

Despite the girl’s screams, the mum wrestles her to the ground and continues twisting her arm as though she wanted to break it.

According to neighbours, the mother is in the habit of assaulting her children and sometimes uses a knife to inflict injuries on their skin.

Concerned neighbours who shared the video called for help for the kids who are victims of child abuse.

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